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Your quiche looks so yummy- we didn't have any leftovers at our house! I hope you enjoyed the recipe!!!!! I'm going to have to make rainbow jello to bring to our family's September birthday celebration!!!!


that is sooo cool the jello i mean


that quiche looks delicious. i think zucchini sprouted so much this year on everyone because we have/had more than we could eat. That jello looks delicious and that tubing - looks like so much fun!


ok, first off, i don't even like jello and i just want eat the whole thing in that photo. it looks SO beautiful. and anything that tastes like skittles? heck, i'm in!!!
then - zucchini - i love you too.


tubing is a blast! did you have any good wipeouts? my brother is a pro a driving the boat so that you are sure to have at least one good crash. i remember some bruises from afternoons of tubing!


my zucchini didn't come up this year. that takes talent, don't you think? ;)


we've got lots of zucchini too - your treats sound good! the tubing looks fun.


Yummmm! So fun. I saw a rainbow last night walking to the metro was lovely. And made me think of you and your jello goodness.



The Zucchini looks awesome! Love the rainbow jello.


That quiche looks so yummy! I will make note of that recipe, thank you for sharing it.
I never would have thought to combine chocolate and zucchini, but your muffins sound tasty.
Cool jello!
I miss the water!


Thanks for the zucchini recipe! I have a bunch sitting on my counter that I need to use and this will help.


I have to tell you that I showed my Grammie this post today and it absolutely made her day!

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