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super super impressed with the cheese making skills! you are awesome! and the cupcake... oh so adorable!


Eeek! Too cute!

I have some felt cookies that'll be posting later this week. (I think on Tuesday.)


Awesome cupcake. It's so hardto elive that it is raking in time in the northern hemisphere already. I'm only just beginning to sort out what we will be planting this year.


This is sooo cute! I've tried looking for wool sweaters here but not sure it's the right place for wool :-)


Your cupcake is simply adorable. I have that book but have had not luck finding wool sweaters here in Texas. I think I need to move to Michigan. Love your blog.


Oh my goodness... That cheesemaking kit might make it onto my birthday wishlist too! :) The salad is gorgeous, even if the cheese didn't quite work out. Your cupcake turned out pretty too!


FYI - the Warm Fuzzy author has a blog!


good for you giving the cheese a try. love the little cupcake..cute as can be!


Everything you do is so inspirational!! Those tomatoes look YUMMY!


your salad looks tasty! I can't wait until my tomatoes are ripe, too. I'm one of 2 people in our family who will eat them fresh, so there will be lots of canning or freezing for me, too.

Amy @ parkcitygirl

oh my that cupcake is adorable!


hi! just found you via your stitchettes quilt on flicker (which i intend to poach more-or-less. its actually the best. i'm just embroidering now, but i'm doing it on linen. do you think a linen quilt would be worthwhile? probably just as a wall hanging, i guess.) anyhoo - love the blog, love your stuff! inspiring!! (also love your book list). nice to 'meet' you! L


I have always wanted to try making cheese, but I am too chicken!

We are going to be getting loads of tomatoes in a week or so too. I just freeze them and use them throughout out the year is soups and spaghetti, etc. Good stuff!


I don't know which looks tastier - the tomatoes or the cupcake!


Oh my, your cupcake looks awesome! Just like the one she makes.


P.S. I tagged you!


This woolly little cupcake is just too too cute.

Rachael Rabbit

I love warm & fuzzies - such great ideas through out the book - but those beautiful wool and inexpensive jumpers are so hard to find ;-)


That cupcake is too cute!
I thoroughly enjoyed my friend's cheese making endeavors last summer along with the tomatoes and basil from his garden. Good friend. :~)

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