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You can look here - i haven't used any of these yet (still trying to master the stipple):

LOVE the colors in the Plain Spoken!


Yes, you have been very busy. Love both the tops. If you haven't checked out this blog, I think it would be some great inspiration for different free motion quilting. I really like the blue one that she posted about on the 30 of July.


Oops, a little to trigger happy. Here is the link.


Your quilt is lovely!!! I love to bold colors...I can't wait to see what the final project looks like. Check out this site: Jeanne taught me to quilt and my other to quilt with a long hand. She has a bunch of samples of long-arm quilting patterns on her site, but many of them can be adapted for free-motion. Best of luck!!! Have a great weekend.


Rebekah--you are amazing! You made that plain spoken quilt top so fast. The colors are amazing, it is really stunning.

I am just about to quilt a quilt using the figure eight shown in the Denise Shchmidt Quilts book.


I really love the Plain Spoken top! Really stunning!


I love the quilting in this photo -


the plainspoken is the colors and your common threads quilt is so's going to be great.


It's spectacular!


You have been so productive! The plain spoken quilt is gorgeous!


The PLain Spoken top is just wonderful! So colorful and excellent composition...I might have to try somthing like this. I can't wait to see it finished. Sorry I have no free motion quilting experience. Good Luck!


Oh my gosh! These are both fabulous!


I love your plain spoken!

and your common threads quilt is amazing, as well. (I'm still waiting for my blocks from my virtual quilting bee and my month was in April. I'm anxious to get started on it!)


They both look great. I am so proud to see my block omong all the other great blocks.


Love the Plain Spoken. You are always fantastic with putting colors together on quilts. Makes me want to make another Plain Spoken now.


You never cease to amaze me. The Plain Spoken quilt is so vibrant and full of inspirational color combinations. About the matching corners; my good friend told me, as her mother told her, if you can't see a mistake while galloping by on horseback, then you're probably okay. :~) Hey, but I totally understand the perfectionism thing. It would only be something that you noticed, I'm sure.

And the Common Threads quilt is very nicely done and such a neat reminder of the new connections that you have made.

I haven't done any machine quilting yet, so I can't help you there, but I like the links that everyone else has posted.


The plain spoken quilt is absolutely beautiful! I love all the vibrant colors.


wow! that quilt is sooo pretty! the colors are so vibrant! seeing you quilts make me want one!


I love your plain spoken quilt.. I just got the book. I have various free motion quilting patterns that I make up but none would likely suit this quilt. I checked out the Common Threads site. What a cool idea!
BTW, I love the font you are using!


hi rebekah, i have an award for you on my blog!


Wow wow wow! Both quilt tops are gorgeous. I love the plain spoken quilt!


I wish I had some quilting to share, but I've hardly ever done any, and especially not free-motion (though I think it's totally awesome and hope to someday!). Your quilt tops look great though. I love the cheeriness of the first one. It would really brighten up a simple bedroom. :)

Thanks for the love on my onesies. If I can figure out a tried-and-true method for stenciling, I'll definitely post a tutorial and some original patterns. Right now, I'm testing a lot of my ideas (and overwhelming myself as much as possible in the process). I think that once I get the details worked out, stenciling will probably be addictive. Once you have a design, you can use it infinitely, and I can just envision myself stenciling everything from the couch to the babies... hehe! :)

Amy @ parkcitygirl

I love your quilt top! It's amazing how all solid fabrics can still be so interesting :)

Have you tried wavy lines with a walking foot?


The plain spoken quilt is probably the happiest thing I will see all day! Beyond cheery.

And I think I posted on the common threads blog how much I love the way you set off the blocks for your collaborative quilt.


OMG!!!!! I love, love, LOVE that plain spoken quilt top!!! So inspiring and such eye candy!

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