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I love cucumbers made like that. Yummy! Your quilt is gorgeous and your bag looks cute!


The cucumbers sound so good and I happen to have 2 fresh from the farm that I can use to make them! Yummy!

I can't wait to see the quilt finished. It is loaded with great color!


The plain spoken quilt looks really colourful and gorgeous!


Plain Spoken renews my love for Kona solids. This is going to be a beautiful quilt!


I love refrigerator pickles. (My recipe adds a pinch of dried basil, dried parsley, & dried red pepper flakes.)


I don't know why you think that bag won't's super cute! I just started knitting and hope to knit a bag like this at some point...but first I want to get a little more comfortable with me needles. :D


Love Random. Love Color. You've been busy.
A New Favorite Quilt for me to love ;o)


So much goodness in one post! The food looks yummy, the quilt looks like a work of art, and the bag makes me want to go shopping for fresh veggies right now! I have a couple of market bag patterns that I want to crochet, but I can't seem to get past the second row of this derned ripple blanket without ripping and starting over. I'm giving it one more shot tonight before I seek some help. :~)


that's just how i eat my cucumbers..a little vinegar, a bit of sugar...mix and eat...yummm! love your plain spoken. i would love to make one of these!


Isn't the Plain Spoken pattern fabulous? I love how easily it goes together, too. How will you quilt it? I am most curious!


Yum-O! That pizza is making my mouth water. I love tomatoes! That quilt top is coming along nicely. I'm sure it will turn out great even though it may look a little different than you originally planned. Yay for no seam ripping! I love the plain fabrics. Looks like you have been super busy. The bag is georgous. One day I will learn to knit (or so I keep telling myself).


I love those cucumbers also. I you like dill try adding a little next time you make them.

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