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the garden looks fabulous! and did i ever tell you i love that red door?


your garden keeps looking better and better. did i mention how much i like your house??!!


That is going to be one prolific garden. The house looks great too.


The peppers look fantastic.


You have actual peppers! Mine magically turned into tomato plants. Oops.


PS - Are you in Royal Oak?


I love garden time! Since I no longer have my own little garden, I like to check out the flower garden at a local park down the street. Everyday something different shows up.

Still can't get over what a cute house you have!

My projects have been backing up too with school lately. Congrats you are heading towards the end of the semester. I still have another5 weeks left. So I am about mid way.


hurray for fresh garden produce! your garden looks fabulous.


Your garden looks wonderful! What class are you taking?


What a fantastic garden. I can't wait until we have room to plant a garden. I just love your house, so cute! The red door gets me everytime.


I love the picture of your house. It looks just like the street where I grew up in Upstate NY. Sniff. I miss green grass yards.


Congratulations on a successful semester! I always enjoy seeing pictures of your beautiful gardens and your house. Just some plants that came to mind: bee balm, red zinnias, snapdragons, verbena, salvia, and new guinea impatiens. I've given myself a year off of gardening so I will have to enjoy yours. :~)

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