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Okay, I LOVE the "what?" look on your cat's face!
And the quilt is absolutely gorgeous! All those wrinkles lend a vintage feel to a very modern quilt.

I'm glad that you had such a peaceful sewing day. Everyone needs a day like that.


I just love your kitties! And this new quilt is fantastic, as usual. I have been wondering when you were going to finish it, you are really good at that. I love the finished look. And I love the backing. How long did this take you to quilt it? It would have taken me like three weeks. i don't blame you one bit for just spending the weekend sewing, It is usually just what I need after a long week of working. Love the quit, you did a fantastic job!

Melissa Lunden

Gorgeous! And I love that you captured the official quilt comfort tester in action. I would also like to know how long it took you to quilt it as well. It will give me a goal to work towards.


This quilt is so adorable! I love how those charm squares turned out.


What kind of sewing machine do you use, Rebecca? That quilt is gorgeous, but really I don't think you are capable of creating anything less! You have serious skills!


oops! I mean Rebekah! I hate when people misspell my my name and there I go and batter yours!


I'm in serious love with the quilting of this quilt. It's beautiful. And don't you just love that puckery goodness. Simply gorgeous!

Clever Karen

No wonder the cat loves it - it's beautiful!


love it, love it, love it! the puckering turned out great. makes me want to go for it and try free-motion quilting sometime soon....

a whole day inside quilting sounds like a little bit of heaven to me right now. but i understand the strong gravitational pull of nice weather. but now you can enjoy the nice weather with a fantastic quilt! awesome work.


that quilt is soo pretty! watching movies and quilting (or for me baking) is loads of fun. kitty is very cute - what is her/his name?


Hi there!

I've stumbled upon your blog and really enjoy reading about your craftiness. I would like to visit again, but wanted to send you a note to let you know I'm here!

Your quilt is beautiful (and so is your kitty).

Happy sewing!

++ Kelli


oh i love the bunching in this!!


This is just gorgeous! I love that backing fabric's really just so lovely! And the quilting is fantastic!!


Hi Rebekah, this quilt is bee-utiful! I absolutely love it and you did a wonderful job quilting it. It turned out great!


Beautiful! And I love the backing, too!


Hello Rebekah, I’m a first time visitor and I love your blog and creations. The quilt is absolutely gorgeous!



I love your quilt! I have been meaning to make a charm quilt as well, and I even purchased the charms for it, but just haven't gotten around to it yet. Yours looks fantastic and makes me inspired to think about mine again!


I love this quilt almost as much as your kitty does! The colors are amazing and the puckering is perfect! Thanks for sharing.


Hi, I found your quilt on flickr which lead me to your blog. You did a wonderful job on the quilt, it looks wonderful and I am sure it will bring many years of joy.


I love the way your quilt turned out. The puckering turned out great. I have enjoyed your blog. Found you thru


This is just beautiful! Ever since your first post on this quilt, I've been saving 5" squares from fabrics as I use them. Thanks for the inspiration!


this is sooooooooooo great, rebekah! I love the orange binding and all those fabulous puckers. the entire quilt is so fabulous~if I had any white background fabric to work with I would start one of these this afternoon.


Love it! You do such a good job on your quilt projects. You really gotta start selling some of them.
I love the puckering too. Texture is a marvelous thing.


I love all of your quilts! How do you do your free motion quilting? Do you have a normal sewing machine? Maybe you would be so kind as to do a little tutorial for us.


beautiful quilt - that wrinkling is great! cute photo of your kitty on the quilt, too, btw :)


Wow, that is gorgeous!


So pretty! So inspiring!


Your quilt is so gorgeous! All that puckering gives it such a cozy look!


Your quilt is so gorgeous! All that puckering gives it such a cozy look!


You really did an amazing job. It is really gorgeous.


The quilt is fabulous! Great work!


Gorgeous!!! I always love a quilt with lots of texture when it comes out of the wash!!!! Love it!!!!


Wow - sooooooooo gorgeous. Beautiful job!

Jacqui from Blooming

It is really stunning, love it so much.


Great quilt! Cute cat!

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