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I can't wait to see your quilt all put together!


Congrats on the chain piecing breakthrough! It's a joy to see someone discover these little things that I take for granted - my first thought was, "Oh, she's so CUTE!" LOL!

Now you're going to be just flying through your blocks. Be sure to keep sharing your new discoveries!


The chestnut fabric is super cute.


nice block! i'm a big fan of the plain spoken quilt pattern too but haven't tried it yet. looking forward to your finished product!


that fabric is adorable, and i simply love (once again) the colors of your quilt! so beautiful!


I love chain piecing! Super fast and efficient. I can't wait to see the finished top. Love the fabric for the common threads block.


I love chain piecing. Although the last set I did, I forgot to measure after I ironed it, so I am now in the process of re-ironing all the pieces I cut out. Oh well.

I love the colors you chose for your plain spoken quilt (i think)


You can't live without chain piecing!!!! Hope your school break is really productive.


I love the colors-and chain piecing rocks!

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