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Welcome back! The dress is adorable, I love the pink and brown color combo. Your lettuce looks yummy, we have been enjoying lots of salads from our garden too, a few green beans and lots of basil and cilantro, no tomatoes yet.


I love when something like running out of yarn ends up being a good thing. The brown looks great, probably better than if the whole thing was pink. Adorable!


I was wondering where you had gone.... wondered if the cat had done something with you! Beautiful dress!!! VEry resourceful... adds a nice twist!


I think the yawning cat post was like one of those intermission shots from old movies. And what a way to jump right back in! I love, love, love the dress. Hey, you can't go wrong with pink and brown. :~)


It's so sweet looking. I think the brown is a great touch!


Forgot to add that your lettuce looks wonderful! It makes my bagged salads look pitiful.


I love peonies...yours are gorgeous! I bring them inside ants and all too. Your lettuce looks amazing...mine always gets eaten...slugs I think!


Hey! I've missed you on here. The flowers are beautiful, and I bet that dress is well-loved (if not by its recipient, then surely her mother!).

It's been babysteps for me figuring out patterns. I used to be petrified. So I started out with a small commitment: a purse. Then I made a dress for Emily. And now I'm starting to make garments for myself. Truth be told, it took about 1 1/2 years to get up the courage! :) But I think the main thing is to take it slow and read everything carefully. Then it's not so scary. I hope you will try your hand at it!


i've been wondering where you been...your flowers look great and your lettuce! wow, looks better than any store-bought stuff! your baby top is so pretty - i think the pink and brown look better than all pink...what a cute top.


the dress is so cute! I like that it has contrasting trim at the top and bottom. it adds a nice touch!


Wonderful little dress. Your improv worked wonderfully/ I love the brown details.


The dress couldn't be cuter!! Welcome back.

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