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Clever Karen

You've been busy! Beautiful picture of the light glistening through the jars of jam!

Pecos Blue

Wow great idea and looks delicious.


The jam looks great. For years, I have been wanting to learn how to can foods. The botulism thing is scary! I decided that I am not going to take up canning until we move to a real house someday. A little NY condo has no room for this hobby.


I have also had the summer adventure of canning strawberry jam. I went picking two weeks ago, while daydreaming I ended up picking 25 pounds of berries in two hours. Needless to say I have more jam that I will probably eat in a year. Canning is not so scary, I learned from a friend a few years back. After a few canning opportunities with my her I feel confident that I am not going to kill anyone with my yummy jam.


Yum - it all sounds delicious (we have NO good Mexican restaurants here!). Those gummy worms are making my mouth water :-)
And the jam looks delicious!


Hi! Chris' gf here (from Strive? ha, long intro). Quick tip that I heard from my sister about 20 minutes ago- at 3pm everything goes on sale at Eastern market like woah. Beth (the sister) bought TONS of food for $13, because the vendors need to get rid of everything! How sweet is that?!

Oh- and please let John know that I can get him a 60 gallon plastic drum if he wants to make his own rain barrel- free! Best thing ever! :)


those candies look delicious and so summery with those bright colors! that jam looks delicious and i would have bought all those strawberries too!


The jam looks great. That's on my to do list too along with making pickles as soon as the cucumbers are ready. Such a great picture of the gummies!


Shazam! I know that is probably incorrect usage of that word, but that is what came to mind when I saw the GIANT candy! Wow, it sounds like you had a really wonderful morning. I can almost taste that jam; it's so beautiful. I have all of my grandmother's canning supplies. Yet one more thing on my "must do eventually" list. :~)


gummy worms and strawberries and strawberry jam!!! I picked strawberries this past weekend, but I didn't get around to making the jam-hopefully I will be able to make raspberry jam in a couple weeks!


You have been busy! Those gummy worms look delish! I've never seen those kind but I do love the sour gummy worms. YOur strawberry jam looks amazing. I love the picture of your roomies... sleeping! Too funny.

Elizabeth Mackey

Go over to Alicia's blog "posie gets cozy," she also made freezer jam, while her husband and cute little dog were on the couch!!Too funny :)

Alicia P.

Hilarious -- I LOVE those cats on the sofa arms like the lions at the Art Institute, gaurding their treasure. And yes, while the lazeabouts slumber, we are slaving away in the kitch. . . sigh. I actually said to my husband after the jammaking, "Aren't you totally psyched that you are married to someone who knows how to make jam for you?" He said, ". . . Yeah."

Only corgi-love impresses him, I guess.


I love strawberry freezer jam and sour gummies, too. :)


Stawberry freezer jam is the best! It taste soooo much better than the kind where you cook the berries. (And I can appreciate the photo of your "roommates" taking a nap while you work. I can't tell you how many times I've walked in on a similar scene with my husband and two cats!)

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