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glad that you like the granola recipe!

your quilting bee sounds like so much fun. I know I sure am enjoying mine!


Yeah!! I can't get over how nice the flowers have been looking lately


(hey - looks like you post got cut short!)
thanks for the granola recipe... i'm going to give it a spin on the weekend.I just discovered bleeding hearts and i loooove them! can't imagine have a bush-full of them!

joel hoekema

i love bleeding hearts, too, i just got back from seeing Obama in GR :)


The quilting bee sounds like it will be exciting. I'm looking forward to seeing the quilts unfold.


Thanks for the scrapbook stuff. I got it and love it all. You're amazing. I can't wait to see what you get through the quilting bee, I think that is a great idea.


Granola looks good. Wow, those flowers look so pretty! Hope you guys get lots done in the yard!


mmm...thanks for sharing that recipe!!! That is a gorgeous picture of the flowers. We just saw some the other day on a walk and I thought of this picture that you took which captured them perfectly.

Blooming from Mee a Bee

I love those colours!! wish I could knit that well.
Can't wait to see your Japanese garden. I have one but it's more like an overgrown jungle. It would take a lot of hard dedication to restore it to it's original beauty.


OMG, i want some o' dat granola! it looks delish!

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