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Will Jon ever have an online concert of sorts?


Wow, that was a lot of trips to the public works and Lowes, they probably got to know you real well!:) Garden looks great, all those veggies sound delicous.


Nice work! Your garden looks lovely and it looks like you are going to have a great summer full of fresh veggies and herbs.


You can tell by the pictures that you take a lot of pride inyour gardening. You should be proud of what you have growing on.


your garden looks great! that's a whole lot of work for a weekend.

I see you are reading the glass castle. what do you think of it, I'd be curious to know.


I am so impressed with your gardening goals. Everything looks like it's going to be great.


Wow, your garden looks great. It sounds like you will have a bountiful harvest this year!

Okay, so next weekend (or maybe next, next weekend since we are going camping Memorial Day) Adam and I are planning to brew some ginger beer and root beer. That way if one doesn't work out hopefully the other will.

Let you know how that goes!

I can't wait to see what you do for a Japanese garden. It should be very interesting.


I feel so inspired now to try my hand at gardening! Even if I do kill most plants that come my way. We're thinking of building a box for a vegetable garden, but we don't know how difficult/expensive that will be... And I'm not entirely sure that this is the best year to get started since we have a newborn. But still, seeing how much can be accomplished in one weekend is very inspirational!


Your garden looks great. Don't you love having fresh herbs? I use cilantro and basil on a daily basis, I love them both.


WOW! it looks awesome and you guys sure are ambitious! it is TOTALLY worth it. can't wait to see the Japanese garden!!


Wow, you were super busy this weekend. It looks great, and looks like you will have tons of really yummy vegies this summer. I can't wait to get room to plat a garden. I love all the pots of fresh herbs!


I always wondered what that thing was called. There is a man who plays an ehru, during busy lunch times at the end of a pedestrian underspass near my work. A complicated description, but all the sounds combined , Busy people, ehru and echoing underpass, make me wish I was a sound artist or suchlike. It sounds awesome.

Healthy Bonsai

Great post, In some occasion we need flowers to make the situation more romantic, natural and comfortable. In the wedding usually we see there are many beautiful flowers decorate in every edge of the ceremony.


i'm so jealous of your and jon's green thumb. nice work.

bonsai pine trees

Hey! Your garden was very beautiful... I love gardening and I would like to make my garden as beautiful as yours, so that we can have nice weekends over there.

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