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cute! they match your door :)

i love flowers!


the front of your house looks so nice! those tulips put me in a good mood all the way over here in nyc.
and thanks for the link to the pattern for the wash cloths... i have some spare cotton i want to use up with those!


Such a cute house! I'd say getting 100 tulips was well worth it! They are Mom would love them! If you ever have too many dishcloths at your house, I'm always here. He he. :)


What a sweet house. I love the red door. :-)


Love the granny square, the colors are great! What a cute house, I've always wanted a red door.


I am loving the granny square. What yarn are you using?


What an adorable house, the tulips match the door perfectly -- so cute. Our tulips died out a couple of weeks ago and I was sad to see them go.


I've always loved houses with red doors. We briefly rented a little white house with a red front door in the historic district when we first moved here. With our growing family we needed more space, but I sure did enjoy the charm of that little house.

I always want to take up a pair of needles after seeing your knit and crochet work. Such even stitches!


Oh my! Your house is so quaint. I love the tulips and all the red. Lovely!


The tulips look amazing- but I have to agree with everyone- what a cute house you have!


I love the granny square blanket...especially the approach you are using and making it one big square. how fun! and I love your red tulips and the red door, too.


Your house is so cute!


I can't express how much I love your house!


That granny square is beautiful - love those colors!


This is my first visit to your blog (I found you on the virtual quilting bee), but I already relate to every post! I've been on a dish cloth kick too, they're so fun because there's an end in sight :)


What yarn are you using for your blanket?

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