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Aw, Rebecca...your kitty is too cute! I know how it is being rusty in the writing department. But once the first few sentences are down, it starts flowing. Funny how that happens isn't it?? Give your kitty a pat from me!


How dare school infringe upon your free time! Who do those teachers think they are, taking away craft time like that?

Perhaps you could make your prof a quilt and he/she would excuse your paper.


my old cat (max, i had him when i was in high school) used to sit on my desk all the time while i studied. it made it all a bit more bearable. good luck with the paper!!


Thanks Rebekah for the comment on that kitchen, but I have to say that isn't my Mom's. :) I found if off of Google images and thought it looked nice to put on my blog. But isn't it pretty??!!


Oh man if we could enlist the help of our pets my papers would ROCK! Um, or something ;-) Good luck with it all!


I may have missed this somewhere, but may I ask what you are studying? Writing papers was my least favorite thing about college. I think I would do better now, but back then I just wanted to goof off, and I certainly didn't have a furry little companion to help cheer me up. :~)


I'll be joining you there shortly too. My SP classes are probably going to be more quiz like that paper like, but I'll be rusty either way. I can't wait though! Glad you have a furry companion to keep you company.

First Root beer batch- too yeasty. I could smell and taste the yeast. I don't want to reduce the yeast though because it needs to be even bubblier. I think I may try adding more extract and sugar.


I am in the same boat! I'm trying to study for a big test and all I can think of is crafts. I finally decided that once it is over I will treat myself to a day just for me and my crafts. Love your orange kitty!

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