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Wow, looks like not only did you have a nice time in Detroit, but you also had gorgeous weather! My favorite part of this post was reading your baseball questions...funny! Baseball is my favorite sport!


You're killing me here!! Loved living what would be one of my "perfect days in Detroit" through you. Thanks for the posting and for keeping the D-love flowing. ;-)


hahaha, totally reminds me of my first ever baseball game (and only, as a matter of fact). Both Shamim and I had NO idea about how the game works. I am a soccer watcher, it's what i grew up with!

Blooming from Mee a Bee

Me either, not a sports fan. I have been to one game in my life, ask your friend Okuda san what he thinks of the Hanshin Tigers. They are THE team for Osaka people.

I love the pictures of the derelict building. I wonder if it will ever be restored? It reminds me of the old railway station in Auckland,New Zealand which has been renovated.


Sounds like an amazing day. I love baseball! What a great meal afterwards too!


I love the photos of the old building.

I had a very similar experience at the only professional baseball game that I ever went to several years ago. no serious baseball watching, lots of side commentaries, mostly unrelated to baseball. still fun though.

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