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Funny sights alright....I'd say demolition is in for Burger King...not remodeling!!


My brother in law is into IT stuff and his password is the same thing- super long, super complicated, and no sense to it whatsoever. I have no answers for what Burger King is doing, but it sure is funny.


we had a building in my city that had a sign "closed for remodeling". it went in phases...first they gutted the place, then they ripped out all the floors, etc. and then one day we drove by and it was all gone. we still joke about it to this day. I think they finally rebuilt it, but it took like 5 years or something.


I think I would've paid to be a fly on the wall at the knitting seminar. Rock on!
Great progress on the sweater ;o)


hehehee! your dad is terribly cute. and WHAT happened to that BK??


That's exactly what the password looks like for MY parents house TOO!


LOL!! That puts my passwords to shame.


Oh Man, do I feel like an idiot or what? I kept trying to figure out why my computer was showing me that password window!

Yeah, I would say that the BK sign is a bit of an understatement. :~)

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