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oh my gosh it looks FANTASTIC!!! I am so impressed. i love the color you chose, and the pattern and it looks like it fits perfectly!

on another note - i see you've read the Glass Castle. Did you enjoy it? I really loved it!!


Great job! I have MUCH respect for knitters, it's far too hard for me to grasp.


Wow, that sweater came out perfect! And it's your first! Hope your next sweaters turn out great, too :)


First sweater?? That looks like you have been making them for a while!!


This is so handsome. I am in awe that anyone can make a sweater!

Jennifer in KS

Congratulations. Cobblestone was my first pullover, too, this year. Yours looks great!


The sweater looks so professional and it looks great on your husband too.


Woohoo!!! The sweater looks fantastic! You must be so proud of it.


wow! nice, nice job!!! I am so impressed.


Congrats on a great looking sweater. I am so impressed! It looks fantastic. Lucky hubby.


holy cow, that is an awesome sweater!!! it fits him perfectly!!!


Really it did come out amazing. So perfect. That must have been completely terrifying when you couldn;t get it over his head. I would be breaking out my stick of butter to make it fit.


This is so great! What talent, I don't think I'd ever attempt to make a sweater. And this looks like you have been making sweaters for years, absolutely flawless. I'm glad it fits!


Fantastic! I've decided that I'll have time to take up knitting when I'm a grandmother. That gives me at least 15 years (I hope) to sew through the fabric in my basement to make room for yarn.

Kim U

Congrats on finishing your first sweater! It looks fab!


That is amazing! My hubby was obcessed with me crocheting him a sweater for a while. Scarves I'm cool at, but a sweater??? I'm not that genius!


oh my gosh, rebekah. you are so multi-talented. :)

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