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Wow that bread looks g-o-o-d, especially with the soup. Another wow to those tulips...they are too pretty! Can I say one more WOW that you bought 100 of them??!!:)

joel hoekema

congrats on the dutch tulips!!!! any pictures of your pyrex? get a front-loading washer and your passions of saving money and doing laundry will explode :)


That book is on my Amazon list. I just ordered a cookbook, so I decided to wait on the bread book. It's cropping up on everyone's blog. I can't take it anymore. I have to get it soon.

I like the colors you are using on your dishcloths.

Don't be fooled by the sweet photos of my baby. I am exhausted. Don't do it!!! (Just kidding, it's a lot of work, but it's the best thing I have ever done. I still can't believe that I have a daughter sometimes.)


Yummm! Especially the bread...i'm such a bread addict. All those tulips are going to be worth the money!


you have tulips already? so far, all i've got are pretty green leaves. i'm on the waiting list for the bread book at the library. hopefully it will arrive before it gets too hot to bake!


One thing that makes (folding) laundry more fun is to dump it on the couch and fold it while watching TV. I've gotten so that I can do most of it while still looking at the screen--matching socks are difficult, but the rest of it goes by quickly.


those tulips are gorgeous.

and your bread looks delicious. I need to check out that book. I think melissa of all buttoned up was talking about that book too.


YAY YOU DID IT! Isn't it wonderful? I tried the light whole wheat one last week and it is also delicious! Too bad about your dish though! Also, I was a bit irritated about all the errors in the book - have you checked out their errata page? Some are pretty significant:


My boyfriend happens to be the cook in my family. He actually has been making a few things with udon noddles too. We basically had it like yours with beef, not much broth, scallions, mushrooms, oh yeah and a can of veggies. I would skip the can next time and just do fresh...But we love udon too.


Mmmm, homemade bread - the best! The soup looks pretty good, too.

Beautiful tulips, btw :)


Love the dishcloth, and cotton yarn. I don't think anyone can have too much of it. I too am lucky to have a husband that likes to cook. I don't know where I'd be without him.


The soup looks delicious. I love udon noodles. I've never tried it with tofu - any tips on how to use it? I'm tofu-inexperienced.


That bread looks amazingly delicious! And the dish cloth is gorgeous!


Tag Rebekah! You make my day...check my blog for details!

Jeff Hertzberg

Hey Rebekah: I'm Jeff Hertzberg, one of the book's co-authors. Thanks for trying the bread. Please visit us at if you have any questions or comments--- just click on any "Comments" field.



Wow! That shot of your bread is worthy of a large glossy page in a bread book. Yum! I will have to look into this book that you mention. It sounds much more approachable than some of the bread books I have tried in the past.

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