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the ease with which you wip out quilts blows my mind! This is my next project (after the granny square blanket) but i'm starting WAY simple!

danielle thompson

you are so talented! and so fast with your projects! you are very disciplined. :-) these are so cute! I really adore your quilting. You are SO good at it. Everything looks perfect. I hope i can do that one day. First i need to learn how to use my machine. ;-)


Your quilting is amazing. I've only tried free motion quilting once and it was fairly disastrous. Love the booties too - they are so sweet! Lucky baby! :-)


This quilt is so gorgeous I want to make one just like it! And I have a bunch of those charm squares to us too! How much brown fabric would you say you used?


Baby Elijah is a handsome rascal and lucky to receive such a beautiful quilt! And love those awesome little booties!


That quilt is STUNNING! Love, love, love the colors you chose.


What a beautiful quilt! I love the colors, love the brown.


I am in love with that quilt! The brown background is just right with those prints. And the booties, icing on the cake! nice job rebekah. the stippling looks fabulous, too!


I'm so glad you posted this project. It's a great idea. More than once, I've wanted to buy various charm packs, but I didn't because I didn't have any idea what I'd do with it. Now that I have this idea tucked in my head, I will buy with out hesitation.

By the way, I think the quilting is beautiful. You did a great job.


This quilt is wonderful. I have that Creative Little Daisies quilt in my inspiration book as a someday to do. I love the colors and fabrics you chose.


That quilt is so beautiful! And the booties - so cute!


Little Elijah is one cutie and I would love that quilt for myself!


love the quilt! i was just contemplating a quilt with brown for an (ahem) project in the works and this confirms it. beautiful! (in a very masculine-baby way, of course...)


Oh just beautiful! I love your free-motion quilting - it looks incredible!


That looks AMAZING!!! Lucky babies!!! I'm frantically trying to get a baby blanket off the needles right now since I just found out about another friend who is pregg-o. I can't keep up!


Lovely projects! I really like the quilt pattern a lot. Thanks for the inspiration!


Gorgeous quilt, but then again, all your quilts are gorgeous. You chose wonderful colors. Love the booties, too.


I love this blanket! Love love love it! So much that I might have to be a copy cat and make one for me. It is so adorable. Did you do the quilting yourself? The stitches are perfect. Did I mention that i love it? And the baby booties are so dang cute.


That quilt is amazing - SO gorgeous. Booties are great, too!


great quilt - love the colors!


Such a lovely combination of colors and fabric. Stunning!


gorgeous quilt!!!! lucky baby! cute too!


Wow- that came out great. That is great that you had that brown in your stash too. I used a nice brown on a quilt recently and fell in love with it! I just get so sick of using whites for borders and stuff.

Also, I always pay an arm and a leg for good quality white fabric. This weekend I picked up a 100% cotton Pier 1 giant shower curtain for $2! That will be lots of white border for another quilt!


What a lucky baby to receive such a unique and lovingly made blanket. And the booties are so tiny and perfect, just like a newborn. :~)


I love the quilt. I've been buying some of those charm packs because I want all the fabric, but then I'm a little stumped as to how I want to use them. Perfect idea!


OK, you need to stop. Because every time you finish a project, that project gets added to my to-do wish list. I. love. everything. you. make. : )
This baby quilt is so great -- simple, yet stunning.
(PS. I emailed you a few months back -- before I had a blog -- with some questions about the measurements of your Katie Jump Rope quilt. Update -- my fabrics are all ready, but I haven't started cutting yet!)


oooh - this one is cool too.
it's so amazing how different the two look, what a fun medium with which to play with color.

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