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Wow! That looks great. Makes me wish I still had mine :)


love it! makes me want to take up quilting.


It turned out beautiful! I love it! I know what you mean about the feeling of a finished project. Congrats on getting it done.

Liz Harvatine

Too nice, I love it! I also love the bed. It's so simple and modern and looks great with the quilt!


Wow, great pictures and a beautiful quilt! I like the design on the binding fabric.


That looks great. It looks very snuggly.


it looks beautiful, i am also so glad you finished it!! and that green leaf fabric? beautiful!


Hey there! Found your blog through flickr. LOVE, love, love this quilt. You did a great job!


Looks great! I've got a couple smaller quilting projects in the works and can't wait to make something bigger for our bed. Thanks for the inspiration!


I LOVE IT!!! Wow, a queen size quilt!


it's fabulous!


hehe I was one of your "heres". Vertical lines are the way to go on this quilt. I would have tried DS suggested stitch in the ditch quilting, but I still have figured out the best way to manuver a full sized quilt under my tiny machine. I love finished projects- espesically the super long kind. It looks wonderful on your bed. Nice work!


Fantastic job! I just posted an adaptation I made on that pattern for a crib quilt in February.


This is fantastic!! I love it, the colors and the squares, everything! I bet it feels awesome to finish it after so long... I am so like that... I'll start something and finish it months later after it's been in hiding for awhile. ;-)


Ooh, that quilt is gorgeous! Beautiful colors too!


Love it! Congratulations. It's got to be so fun to go upstairs and see something fresh and new that you made. Rock on!


I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog and seeing all of the wonderful things that you have made over the past 2+ years. Congrats on finishing this latest quilt, it looks very comfy. I am just about to finish up my first quilt. I hope to post about it soon.
Can't wait to see what you make next!


Isn't it such a great feeling of accomplishment when you get a project that big finished? I love the way you put fabrics together. This looks really nice.


That quilt is just SO inspiring!! I love it!


good post title!

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