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LOL that is so cute. Before the cats ran away there were times there where the only thing keeping me in bed some nights was the wall. They took over a year to warm up to me and accept that they had to share their bed and human. That second photo just kills me, it's sooo cute. It reminds me of Rastus watching Shrek when Puss in Boots was on screen.


Cats have much more discriminating tastes than dogs. I am always trying to win over my friend's cats whenever I see them. My dogs on the other hand, loves anybody that comes through the door. I always joke that they would even welcome burgulars.


Our cats must know your cats because they too have hit the number lock which I didn't even know was on the keyboard! I also had to ask someone what was going on and boy did we laugh when we figured it out. I never leave the laptop open unless I am at it time I came back and it was rebooting in safe mode...LOL!


Awww, how sweet! Those are two very lucky kitties. :~)


Those are really sweet photos. I love your chair too. I haven't seen one like it before.


Shinji is a beautiful cat. We used to have a cat that used to like to sit on the computer monitor (before flat-screens!) because he liked the heat up there.

Great cabled purse in your last post, BTW.


Cats are so cute. Now, I am sure that my little 15 month girl was previously a kitten too. She does the same as your cats when I am with my lap top.


that's hilarious! first off: my cat hates me and loves my husband. i try not to be hurt by that ;)
secondly: once you said your cat helps you with your computer work i just started reading the rest of the blog through LOL CATZ characters.


That is soooo funny. I love that that they are interested in blogging and email. Words with all one letter--too much fun!


Oh so cute! What adorable kitties. My cat Sophie does the exact same thing whenever we pull out the laptop. She love to watch the mouse move across the screen and then try to catch it on the other side. It never works. She also likes to watch movies on the laptop with me. And standing on the keyboard is slowing becoming a favorite of hers since she has figured out it gives her all the attention.


What a cute kitty! Those are really neat names you have for them. When I had a cat her name was just Isabella!

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