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I grew up in Kitchener, ON and took violin lessons in Guelph. I love Elora, and just visited the town a year or so ago when I was in Kitchener visiting my mom and sisters. Happy 2nd Anniversary!


That looks like a wonderful trip - beautiful scenery. Happy Anniversary!


I spent a summer living right behind that church! That is such a beautiful area. Happy Anniversary. I'm so glad you had such a fab time.


It does look wonderful. Congrats to the two of you.


Congrats on the 2 year anniversary! It looks like a fun trip and an amazing town to visit. Such beautiful pictures.


Happy Anniversary!! That bedroom is gorgeous! So fancy looking.


OOO! brings back memories! I had my first post graduating job in Kitchener and spent many a weekend in St. Jacob's and Elora (the gorge is really beautiful)! Thanks for sharing! And happy anniversary!
where do you live?


Happy Two Year Anniversary! What a beautiful B&B!

Kineret Willowgreene

That bed is AMAZING!!! It looks like something out of a fairy tale. Lucky you!


Hi- Thanks for your nice comments on my photos. I think my two favorite tips for landscape photos are- always plan your foreground. Maybe the foreground of the photo is something that leads the eye further into the meat of the photo or maybe the foreground really is the meat of the photo. I like to use a real wide angle lens and get down low to my foreground, stretching it a bit.

I also really value the rule of one-thirds, this is a pretty common thing that can be found and probably better explained in photo books. But anyway, I find that I really like my horizon line (ya know sun meets land) to be at least two thirds of the photo. Although it can be really fun to have it be one third. Anywhere but dead center really.

I just like to play with my camera really and photo things that catch my eye, so I am really not an expert.


What a great trip. I love that bedroom!


happy anniversary! and what a beautiful spot! that lunch spot on the inn looks amazing. what a view!

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