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ohhhh I love vacation photos! (I live vicariously through others who can afford it!) Thanks for sharing!


oh my gosh it looks SO amazing! glad you had an fabulous time guys!!! (ps: welcome back to the cold - YEAH!)


Oh, this looks like such a wonderful trip! Great pictures!


Oh - this so reminds me of Costa Rica (and I do realize they are neighbors and thus are similar!) - especially the last picture - rice and beans and platanos!!! Yummy!


Gorgeous scenery! Looks like you guys had a great time. Welcome home!


Lovely photos and the whole going tropical when its cold thing is goooood. I'm dying for the year i can finally afford to go to Fiji mid winter. Mmmmm. Not sure I'd come back!

Karen the FabGrandma

I am so jealous! Can you hear me crying with real tears? By the way, I love the name of your blog--I happen to have both a daughter and a step-daughter named Rebecca. When my daughter was just two, she would stomp her little foot and say "My name is NOT Becky!"


It looks like a fabulous trip! I've been to Guatemala and was amazed - perhaps Nicaragua should be next!


Wow! What a wonderful trip, so gorgeous! That food does look yummy, we eat a lot of beans and rice around here :)

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