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what an adorable quilt!!


I love it! You've done your stichettes proud with this quilt. How did you mark your quilting lines? I love the simplicity of the quilting, it has that old-fashioned, homely (homely in the Tolkien sense) appeal and does not compete with the stichettes, but rather, sets them off, frames them.

That is so awesome! I love it SO much. I can understand how you'd be sad to see the end of that one. Your fabric is beautiful and so is your quilting. Way to go!!!!


That is fantastic! I cannot believe how patient you are to quilt all those lines... it turned out great!


Love it! Love your choice of fabric!


It is so beautiful, I could cry! I am in awe with all the work that went into this amazing quilt. The colors are wonderful.

Are you going to hang it so you admire your work?


That is so lovely!! What a perfect way to show off your embroidery.


that's awesome! well done, and how quick!!!


It looks amazing - really fantastic. the colours are perfect. LOVE it!

Kineret Willowgreene

The colors are perfect! So charming! Lovely!


Wow, these turned out fantastic! Love the fabric, love the layout, love the quilting, love the stitchettes! Flawless work! Very impressive. How did you mark the quilt lines, or did you do it freehand? Amazing, love it!


I love this quilt! You did a wonderful job! I don't think I would have the patience for all the "Stitchettes"!


It's darling. Those little stitchettes are the cutest things ever! And you sure pulled the quilt together quickly--with your usual great eye for color and design!


Wow! That's a lot of stitching, it came out great :)


What a lovely way to use the stitchettes.
Beautiful work.

Mary D in Texas


Oh, this is just lovely! Stunning colors and details!


Oh, I want one!!! You did such a fantastic job with this, the colors and fabric selections are right on!


what a wonderful quilt!!! you did a super nice job on it.


Just love the stitchery quilt. You did a wonderful job. I have a bunch of snowmen to stitch, one for each month and I can see them finished like this. I love the colours you chose.


*gasp* Freakin' awesome. You did a FABULOUS job.

I am very behind in blog-reading these days and have just been perusing all your great FOs in my Google reader. Everything is beautiful, but this was is especially gorgeous. Brava!

Karen the Fab Grandma

I absolutely love this type of embroidery. When my children where young, I made them plain white shirts and embroidered stuff all over them. I love this quilt, too. You are too smart.


That is so cute! Love the embroidery.


My mouth is hanging open!! How gorgeous that is - wonderful job!

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