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i wish i had the guts to figure out how to make a quilt - it scares me!!! Any recommendations for a good book for a total newbie?


Very cute! I love green and purple. I think this year I'm going to try and make a quilt. Wish me luck, I'm not much of a sewer!

Liz Harvatine

This is beautiful! I love the colors!


Great quilt! Very fresh in its simplicity :)

Kineret Willowgreene

I love this! It has an Amish quilt type of simplicity but the design and color combo looks very mod. So cool!


This is beautiful, and the color scheme is awesome. I hadn't really thought much about this quilt, but after seeing yours I think it might be a great one to make for my husband...
Wonderful work!


I love the simple modern design! And those are great colors. Jon office looks great, too. I really like the wall color.


Lovely! Of course, Denyse Schmidt is a favorite, but love the colors you used. Perfect for a man, but pleasing to the ladies, too!


Wow, this turned out fantastic! I'm sure he was super suprised. I love the colors you used. I have seen this book but never really considered that pattern. But after seeing yours I think I will put it on my list of "i'd like to make one day".


I really like this quilt. I love the surprise part. Thanks for motivating me to go and quilt something.


Wow this looks fabulous! The quilting must have taken you forever! I have been doing the bias tape method of binding, but I've been thinking about going back to the machine/hand sew method, but I usually run out of time and patience and go back to the bias tape method!


oh this is so industrial, I love it!!


I like where you decided to start/end the stripes. The color scheme is great, too!

I SO know what you mean about ripping out seams. I just sewed four seams for a Big Zig that I'm making, following the instructions about where to align the points, and I think I did it all wrong. The directions aren't very clear on that part of it. Grrr.

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