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Kim U

Mmm, we used to have a jamba juice down the street from us, I really miss their smoothies. I'm going to Chicago in November (brrrr), so I'll have to see if there's one near our hotel (and paper source, I totally forgot about them!)


I never knew there was a ChinaTown in Chicago until last month. My cousin told me about when he went to Chicago for a few days for business. Is it big?


Jamba Juice sounds so good right now.

Thanks for visiting my site, the best thing about seeing other peoples quilts like the ones I saw at PIQF is that you realize how much you still have to learn... Oh and the quilting template, I got it from a booth there, but here's the website. I think they're on vacation for October though!


I like that robot!And your embroderies are lovely, very original :)

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