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Oh wow it looks beautiful! I love the straight line quilting you did on this quilt. I agree though, it does get tedious. In fact, I can't remember the last time I did straight line quilting....

Liz Harvatine

Really beautiful. I love it!


Wow! It's gorgeous! I love the way you quilted it - I really like straight quilt lines close together. You did a fabulous job!


You make me smile and remember that persistence is character building.

It sounds like you made it in a month and it like you powered through it and didn't have much time to be haunted.

I'm 'haunted' by an alphabet sampler that I started in 1975. No progress since 1981, I'm afraid. I do plan to finish it in this lifetime. Just not sure when.


That project is not little! It is so beautiful! I can't imagine making a quilt that size.I don't think my Hello Kitty Janome can handle machine quilting something that size. What machine do you have?

Wonderful job on that quilt! It's a master piece.


Beautiful. I love it!
Kind regards,

Sonnja, from he Netherlands


This is a terrific quilt - I love the pattern, and you used some of my favorite fabrics! Good use of white space too. Quite inspirational.


This is the most beautiful quilt I have ever seen! I love simple quilts with bright, warm pops of pretty fabric! Great job! :)


it's fabulous! the quilting may have been tedious but it is surely pleasing to the eye. it compliments the quilt perfectly. wow, i dig it!


Just gorgeous! Thanks for sharing the specifics.


Have you washed this quilt? I have heard that the yellow dots are not colorfast.


I saw this quilt posted in Sew Mama Sew. This is a wonderful design. Thanks for the explanation.

Tia Curtis

I came over from sew mama sew. Great quilt!


I love the quilt! nice job!


I too love katy jump rope and your fabulous quilt!


Could you please clarify the measurements for your strips? I love this quilt


I just came across your beautiful quilt! Amazing. I love it.


WOW! That is beautiful!! Love your colors!

Lisa S.

This is such a beautiful quilt. I am going to give this one a go for my daughter's bed. Thanks for sharing!!

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