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Oh man, I love your quilts. The first time I saw the Bohemian quilt was on Anna Maria Horner's blog and I've followed your quilting progress ever since. I'm curious to see how you like hand quilting... I love machine quilting, but haven't tried hand quilting yet.


Wow. I am honestly stunned that you have only been quilting for a year. I can't remember when I first discovered your blog - sometime last winter, I think - but I assumed when I first started reading that you had been quilting for years. Your quilts are SO gorgeous.

Thanks for sharing how you got into it and how you learned. I am putting the Modern Quilting Workshop onto my Must Buy list now!


You make beutiful quilts. I enjoyed reading your quilting history.


Those are beautiful. I think Brick Road and Turning Twenty are my favorites.


I just love your quilts, and the one with that beautiful cat is my favorite <3
I just wish I could...




I saw your what about squares quilt top on flickr when I was designing my own! I really like how my straight line machine quilting came out and it was more managable for me to sew. Id love to see how yours turns out!


I linked into your blog after searching for pictures of heating pads! I was reading and have really enjoyed reading (backwards) about your quilting. My very favorite quilt book is also "The Modern Quilt Workshop" followed closely by Denyse Schmidt Quilts and Ringle and Kerr's other book on color. I have made a few of from Ringle and Kerr, but none yet by Denyse (just opposite of you)...I am planning to start with the heating pad. Your blog is really inspiring and your quilts are fabulous!


was great read this post and see your quilting process!
and those quilts are so beatiful!

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