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Oh, that is going to be a fantastic looking quilt!


That's a very tempting photo of the fabric...I think it'll go great with your chosen pattern.


I love that fabric line, it should make a wonderful quilt!..especially with the pattern you chosen :0)


I think is also called "borrowing from peter to pay paul" or just "Orange peel" really old pattern so look in a book that has old patterns.

love the Kerchief quilt your starting so pretty! fabric too!


It's interesting - most of the quilts I've seen that utilize all of one fabric line I haven't generally liked (for instance,some of the sample quilts on the Freespirit fabric site). But I really like your take on that Kaffe Fassett pattern! I think your choice to use white space really pays off and highlights the fabric even better.


I love your color scheme! Can't wait to see the finished product.

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