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I somehow found your blog yesterday and have to say I love your quilts! And knitting! You have a talent, you know that? I've been thinking about making my first quilt for some time now but I'm still not sure how to do it, do you have any tutorials/links? Or maybe it's just my laziness talking, don't know.
But anyway, just wanted to say I really like your stuff... AND CATS! I've got one too :)


I wish America would get the hint and lay out simple step directions that make sense, are truly easy and have pictures! I love looking at all the magazines and books you come across!


Hello. Nice to meet your blog. I think I saw slippers similar to the ones you posted above in an issue of Cotton Time. They didn't use rope, though. I'd really like to make a pair now. (And Jon made the sushi himself? Super impressed...)


Thanks for the compliments! You will really enjoy Water for Elephants- I am still talking about it. Up next on my reading list is A Thousand Spendid Suns. It's by the same author of The Kite Runner- which is in my permanent Top 5.

I also have a Janome! I bit the bullet last summer and bought myself the 6500. I know I will never need another machine- I am in love with it.

Happy reading/sewing!


Those rolls are making me hungry! $7 for the mag is really not that bad especially since it had directions, considering how much the Japanese craft books go for.

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