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Fern R

Very nice. I like everything about your quilt! I especially like it that a cute orange kitty has graced the top of your quilt.


Your quilt turned out fabulous! I love it when people aren't afraid to use a little color. :) Did you do the quilting on your Janome?
And Nuku does an amazing job as a quilt model. :)

Taryn Domingos

I normally wouldn't think I'd like all that color, but man, that hero shot, did me in. I really like it, especially when it's all nice and crinkly like that!


I love the quilt and was wondering, what brand of fabric (solids) do you use? And are you happy with the quality? I'm having a difficult time finding solids (other than hand dyed) that I'm happy with the feel.

Thanks - it's beautiful!!


Fantastic! Should be in a museum! Honestly! You are so fortunate to have such talent and along with an eye for color! Was this your own pattern?

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