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Oooooh, wonderful! You've inspired me to try stippling my next quilt, and it does look lovely out of the wash with the crinkles, yum. Love the colours =)

And Nuku Nuku is ADORABLE, what a gorgeous cat. It's great when they use their intended seating isn't it, lol.

I'm so glad you commented so that I came across your great blog!


WOW. That is simply gorgeous. I was thinking about this quilt earlier today, and how I wish I could make one myself. But, given that I've never actually made a quilt before, I'm thinking this isn't necessarily the one to start with. Still, yours has me dreaming and inspired. Great job! (and so quick!!)


I'm stunned and inspired by your quilt - you did a fantastic job! I want to print out the picture and hang it by my desk because the colors and textures speak to me. Wow, I sound like a quilt stalker! Thanks for sharing with all of us.


OK - so when your needle kept breaking (as mine jsut started doing - GRRRRR)

what did you do to 'fix" the problem? I'm using a 14 needle! should I use a 12?

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